Video de Salma Hayek se exhibe en una galeria en Paris

You Want to See Salma Hayek Show Off Her Belly-Dancing Moves

We have official evidence that Salma Hayek can do it all. The actress and producer is not only incredibly talented, funny, and super stylish, but she’s also a beautiful belly dancer. The Mexican actress, who is of Lebanese descent, is part of an inspiring video installation by Egyptian-born, New York-based artist Youssef Nabil. Youssef is debuting his exhibition called I Saved My Belly Dancer at the Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris on Nov. 6, featuring footage of Salma sensually dancing on the beach. Judging by these teasers she posted to Facebook, it’s going to be mesmerizing! Watch the clips above and below, then check out her hottest magazine cover to date.

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