Un reportero de fox news dice ke a hillary le dio un seizure en camara oh no estara enfermita 😱😱

Fox News host claims Hillary Clinton had a SEIZURE on camera in latest claim about her ‘secret’ health issues - despite onlooker in the clip denying it happened
Right-wing conspiracy theorists say video shows Hillary Clinton having a seizure
Video was recorded in June during a event in Washington muffin shop
Clinton ‘responded with an exaggerated motion’ to reporters in the clip
Fox News host Sean Hannity said this week that it looks ‘seizure-esque’
He also mentioned an old photo being used to suggest Clinton is sick
Picture has been circulated by Donald Trump supporters on social media
It shows Clinton slipping as she walked up a set of stairs in February
Right-wing blogs wrongly claimed it is ‘evidence’ she is in bad health
Clinton has long defended herself from similar health-based allegations


In the video, which was shot on June 10 at a muffin shop in Washington DC, Clinton ‘responded with an exaggerated motion’, after being asked questions by reporters

Right-wing websites are circulating an old picture of Hillary Clinton slipping while walking up a flight of stairs (pictured) to question the Democratic nominee’s health ahead of the election

A person who was filmed in a video that has been seized upon by right-wing groups to suggest Hillary Clinton ‘had a seizure’ on camera has hit back at the outlandish claims.
Lisa Lerer, a reporter covering Clinton’s campaign for the Associated Press, was on hand for the latest moment conspiracy theorists have latched onto in an attempt to discredit the Democratic nominee.
In the video, which was shot on June 10 at a muffin shop in Washington DC, Lerer was one of the reporters who ‘shouted’ questions at Clinton about a meeting she had recently had with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
In Lerer’s words, Clinton: ‘perhaps eager to avoid answering or maybe just taken aback by our volume [she] responded with an exaggerated motion, shaking her head vigorously for a few seconds.’

The conspiracy theories linked the photograph of Clinton slipping to when she fractured her elbow in 2009, and had to wear a sling (pictured)

The right-wing theories also referenced previous treatment Clinton had for blood clots in 2012. Pictured, Clinton leaves hospital in January 2013 after treatment

Y que esperaban??? La sra ya no tiene 15años es una persona mayor y con achaques normales de su edad, y si a esto le sumamos todo el estress q esta teniendo al ser el centro de atencion para el mundo entero, si tomamos en cuenta q todos sus movientos estan siendo monitoreados 24/7 a cualquiera le dan panic attacs, parkinson etc etc

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Siiiii ella es humana de carne y huesos y tambien le dan achaques y mas a su edad. Nadie es immortal en esta vida