Otra Mejicana apoyando a Trump y miren why

Does the idea of a Latina supporting Donald Trump and protesting for the removal of birthright citizenship seem unfathomable? Meet Lupe Morfin Moreno.

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On Wednesday, the Simi Valley street outside of the Ronald Reagan Library, where CNN hosted the second Republican debate, was divided by those who loathed and those who welcomed the GOP frontrunner. On the pro-Trump side stood an unlikely backer: Moreno, a woman who the Latin Times describes as having thick dark hair, light brown skin and a straw hat – a look that wouldn’t be “out of place on one of the campesinos across the street.”

But the Mexican-American Moreno wasn’t lost. Armed with a U.S. flag and a poster reading “Trump” in bold letters, Moreno was exactly where she wanted to be.

So how did this Latina, a child of a Mexican immigrant father and a Tejana mother, end up where she’s at?

“I found out one day that my dad was a smuggler. … He also molested me,” the Santa Ana native told the news site.

Morena goes on and on about her objections with immigrants, or, as she refers to them, “illegals:” one Spanish-speaking foreigner had a picnic on her front lawn, and another peed on her property.

The self-described “Trumpeteer” was once a Democrat, disclosing that she even voted for Clinton. However, she says that it was the issue of immigration that pushed her to start voting Republican.

“These people across the street are invaders, or children of invaders,” Eveline Miller, a friend of Moreno, told the Latin Times.

Looking over at the pro-immigration, mostly Latino, group who Miller describes as “savages” across the street, Moreno agrees with her longtime pal.


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