Operación de rescate

Por lo general los cisnes son muy territoriales, pero cuando Richard Wiese experimento un momento maravilloso
durante una operación de rescate ejecutado con varios de sus amigos de la fundación ayudando a rescatar aves
heridas en Inglaterra, el cisne demostro su agradecimiento de esta manera,

While rescuing injured birds, the swan wrapped his neck around the rescuer’s neck.
Usually swans are very territorial and don’t like human company, but Richard Wiese experiences a moving and
wonderful moment during a rescue operation executed with several of his friends from a foundation aiding and rescuing
injured birds in England.
This is how he describes this moment:
“I lifted him, gently pressed on his chest so that he felt confident and safe. After a few moments the swan stopped
resisting and literally wrapped himself around my neck. I could feel his heart beating besides mine.
I wanted to shut my eyes in order to enjoy this moment completely. It’s really a wonderful feeling when you sense a true
connection and mutual trust- when an animal realizes you mean him no harm”.