Nuevo proyecto de myrka dellanos - se visible

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Thank you SO much to the lovely ladies of BeVisible Latina for creating this amazing platform in which us Latinas can connect. I have hit a pot of gold with this one! Muchas gracias!
One last thing! I look forward to meeting you ladies at the Summit in San Francisco!

Through Their Voice by #BeVisible
A series highlighting women in their career journey
By Brenda Sotelo
“I’m an only child, I was raised by a single mom. I always knew that I had to rely on myself. I grew up in school. I didn’t have a car so my mom would drop me off at 6:30 in the morning because she had to go to work. I knew things had to get done, if I lost my scholarship I was out of UM and my dream was to graduate from the University of Miami. I was very determined. I spent my 21st birthday at work and I remember thinking I was missing out, I missed some friend’s weddings and birthdays but this job was what I wanted. The person that is going to reach their goal is the one who is not going to give up because there is very few people that don’t give up so that pathway of not giving up is open. “-
Myrka Dellanos, Journalist/Entrepreneur


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Este es un proyecto fantastico, felicidades Myrka


Que linda es ella