North Carolina purged a 100-year-old black woman from the voter rolls


A 100-year-old African American woman was nearly denied her right to vote in North Carolina.

According to her nephew, Grace Bell Hardison “loves to vote. She will not miss election time.” But weeks before early voting started in North Carolina, she was informed that her voter-registration status was being challenged, according to a report from The Nation Thursday. If she didn’t provide a notarized form or appear at a Board of Elections meeting, she would be purged from the rolls.

Although Hardison stirred up enough of a local outcry that the challenge against her was withdrawn, most other voters aren’t so lucky.

“Of the 138 [voters] challenged, 92 of them were black and registered Democrats. 28 voters were unaffiliated, 17 were Republicans, and 1 was Libertarian,” reported WNCT-TV.