Leyeron el article donde dice que Hombre

Mexicano tiene el wee wee mas grande del mundo? :o

:relaxed: Busted.

its all mostly skin, his wee wee is 6 inches, lo de mas es pura eskin k makes it 18 inches, so twelve inches de pura skin, la mia no son 18 inches pero si vieras k perrona es para trabajar, fock

That’s kinda gross. Nothing wrong with big, but 18? That’s too much

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Te equivocaste de raza Devil, once you go mex you’ll forget the rest. juas juas y mas juas… back to the basement for u.

Just yolo him princess rofl. And we’ll see if you live to tell the story.

Jajajajjaa Lordie y siiii … no me mandes al basement rofl

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Sorry Sinsi hehehe had to share the good news

whaaaattt??? no entendi? :innocent:

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chimuelos peruanos COME AND GET IT lol

Ewwww yo mejor chiquito y jugueton jajajajja

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Liar liar pants on fire. :laughing:

Dice Crue que ya va dejar su negro he irse con ese wey del video… jajajajajajajaja Que va jugar golf con ese palo.

Nope…believe me that whole “size doesn’t matter” thing is a complete lie. Chiquito doesn’t quite cut it any way you try it.

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No me sorprende lol

you like like big “richards” lol

Not necessarily big, I just know little isn’t the way to go for me. I once met little richard, i don’t think he was more than 4. And noooo…although half this guy is stretching it a little too much…so there has to be a balance.


jajajajaja im busting up

You’re killing me! Inche @lordie

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Perhaps this will change your mind, young grasshoppa