La iglesia satanica demanda a el estado de Missouri y tienen altas probabilidades de ganarle a los cristianos

Cuando un gobierno trata de favorecer una religion, entonces debe de favorecer las otras… ouch !

La aguilucha debe de estar agradecida que la iglesia satanica la protege.

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And so much more…

Satanic Temple Sues Missouri Over Abortion Rights – and Could Win

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Asco! ellos quieren su libertad religiosa. ellos no se lo merecen. creo que tenemos suficiente de ellos en este mundo. la religión está dividiendo a muchas personas en este mundo desde hace mucho tiempo.

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Segun lei ya ganaron al Igual que ganaron en Alabama.

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La iglesia satanica va en tremendo aumento debido a la intolerancia cristiana, los millones y millones de abusos infantiles, las guerras cometidas en nombre de la mitología cristiana, y por ultimo el apoyo cristiano hacia un presidente racista pro-cristiano llamado trump.

A Call to Protest the Growing Threat from Satanism

"Rome – The decline of Christianity in the Western world is opening the way for Satanism. In Britain, for example, most white Britons still call themselves Christian, but only 17% rate their religion as important to their identity. Religion rates much higher among Asian and black U.K. residents (British Home Office report as published in The Independent).

The decline in traditional Christian practice has been paralleled by the growth of interest in mysticism and “holistic activity”. As humans seem wired to continually push the envelope, this has led to an expanded participation in New Age practices and from there to the old pagan religions of Druidism and Wicca, culminating at the extreme in Satanism.

Similar trends have been noted in Canada and U.S.A. where, among other manifestations, Hallowe’en sales are close to surpassing those at Christmas. However, it is events in Italy that have recently spurred concerns in the Catholic Church. In late 2004 a nun was murdered by three teenage girls, and two young men, members of a “heavy metal” rock band, were killed as human sacrifices by their fellow band-members. The episodes shocked the nation; in both cases the murders were part of Satanic rituals.

One response offered by the Church is a new course in Satanism and the occult due to start in the spring of 2005 at the prestigious pontifical university, Regina Angelorum. Open only to priests and seminarians, the two-month course will cover the anthropological, theological, and liturgical aspects of Satanism. It aims to help priests in their pastoral work, which may include helping troubled youth or parents whose children are involved in occult activities. The course will include a lecture on exorcism, presumably by Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, who, in 1999, updated the ritual from its 17th-century format.

Church sources estimate that a half million Italians, chiefly among the alienated young, have had contact with Satanic sects. In Britain, the Church of Satan claims to have 4,000 members. (Zenit, Sunday Telegraph, 9 Jan. 2005)."

Aquí en Houston ya tenemos una iglesia satanica… :sunglasses: :tropical_drink:


Cierto, la religion divide familias… Pero gracias a la Sagrada Iglesia Satanica, las familias serán libradas de este mal… y reinara el amor otra vez… :heart:

Religión es igual a $$$$$$$ mucho dinero x eso son capaces de matarse entre ellos

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