Joe jonas por despecho kiere parecerse a zayn malik pobre esta enculao😍😜👁

Joe Jonas debuted a new bleach blond hairdo Wednesday night in L.A. that bares an uncomfortable resemblance to Zayn Malik’s.
Of course it’s uncomfortable since Zayn happens to now be dating Joe’s ex, Gigi Hadid. Sure, it could be coincidence. Could be a single white dyed blond male.
Who wore it better? We’re talking to you, Gigi.

:scream: :sob:

<font color=“blue” BIEN PUTICA LA GIGI NO PIERDE EL TIEMPO :scream:


Por despecho? Mas bien x falta de personalidad :-1:

Yo ya me estoy haciendo viejo, ya no conozco a ninguno de esos famosos.

Nada de utica Sweetie si la chava si no es noviera ahora pues cuando.

Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik continue to copy each other when it comes to their locks … and this time, Joe’s on top.
Both are now rocking pink tips, we’re told Joe went for the look about a week ago and Zayn was spotted with a fan a couple days ago sporting the same doo. The two have been trading hairstyles for a while now.
As for Joe, we’re told he thinks the whole thing’s actually kinda funny.
Might we suggest some green next?