Jlo uses a database to make sure she doesn't w the same outfit

Jennifer Lopez Uses A Database To Make Sure She Doesn’t Wear The Same Outfit or Accessory More Than Once.
JLo uses a database to help her pick her outfits.

In order to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes, clothes or accessories more than once in a certain period of time,Jennifer has her garments barcoded.

A source said: ''She had her feet up at a meeting, and someone noticed that she had a bar code on her shoe and asked her if she borrowed them.

‘‘Jennifer laughed and said no, that she has her own internal bar code system on all of her closets to digitally keep track of what she wore and when she wore it, so that she isn’t caught wearing the same thing twice.’’

The database also has a picture of the clothes or shoes and has details about the size, colour and the date when she was last seen wearing it as well as its location to monitor which outfits are kept in her New York home and which ones are kept in her Los Angeles abode.

And to keep everything in control, the 46-year-old beauty hires someone to look after her wardrobe full-time.

The insider added to the New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column: ''She has a full-time staffer in charge of just her clothing. She takes her fashion very seriously.

‘‘She never wants to be caught accidentally in the same thing twice. When she chooses to wear something more than once, it’s intentional.’’

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Ysa se que es muy su dinero y que ella puede gastarselo como le de la gana. Pero ponerse un vestido o unos zapatos una sola vez, me parece de una extravancia horrible. Ademas, si en la nota hablan de que ella mantiene un inventario de lo que tiene, quiere decir que no es ropa que un diseñador le presta para una ocasion especial. Si no que es ropa que ella compra. Yo me pregunto, que hace despues con toda esa ropa? La regala? porque nunca he escuchado que ella sea de las que done la ropa para ventas de caridad como hacen algunos artistas…
Mariah Carey es igual. El otro dia vi unas fotos de su closet y, segun la nota, es casi tan grande como mi apartamento…

Hola anamaria, que hace Jennifer con la ropa no se, pero estoy segura que si la regala para ventas de caridad pero la verdad no creo que sea necesario de donar su ropa usada cuando ella hace mucho mas que eso, JLO es una campeona para las obras beneficas ella dona su dinero y su tiempo en especial para los ninos. Aqui te dejo algunas de las obras de caridad a las que JLO ayuda.

Charity and Raising Awareness
Over her many years of fame, Jennifer Lopez has contributed to many public service and charity cases. She has taken part in Amnesty International, ALAS, Children’s Health Fund, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, DKMS, Los Angeles Free Clinic, Love Our Children USA and MusiCares.

Amnesty international- This is an organization that focuses on humanity and human rights around the world. In 2007, Jennifer Lopez made a movie called Bordertown to raise awareness about women who were being killed in Juarez, Mexico. She received an award at the Berlin Film Festival for her work as both star and producer of this film. Over 400 women were killed needlessly and the investigations into these murders were sloppy and delayed. Jennifer Lopez stepped in and spread awareness about this tragedy with her movie as well a song inspired by the victims, a bilingual website which includes reports, documentary footage, testimonials, online chats and contact information.

ALAS Activist–She is involved with ALAS which is a program that works to promote early childhood development in Latin America. Jennifer’s part in this organization has mainly been as an activist to help raise awareness about the fund and the organization. She has participated in many concerts that helped to raise both money and awareness of this child related charity.

Hosting Gala for LA Children’s Hospital- After giving birth to her twin babies she conitnues to look for more ways to give back. She is especially drawn toward children’s charities. Jennifer Lopez takes part in Noche de Ninos Gala - or “night of the children”. This Gala benifits hospital employees and patients at the Childrens Hospital Los Angleles. She is one of many who performs as well as Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sanz and Latin rockers Juanes and Mana.

Children’s Health Fund-Founded in the late 1980s, this is a mobile van program that gives health sevices and education to underserved children in disadvantaged rural and urban communities. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are both very involved with this organization and make appearances to raise awareness for the cause.


Lopez teamed up with Amnesty International to launch a bilingual website aimed at raising awareness about Mexican femicide after learning that 350 young women have been killed in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua since 1993.

Jennifer and Marc Anthony made a large donation to Children’s Health Fund’s Operation Assist after Hurricane Katrina, and encouraged their fans to give as well.

Lopez donated an item to watchmaker Nixon to be made into a watch, the sale of which benefitted the MusiCares MAP Fund—a pool of resources set aside to address addiction and recovery needs of members of the music community.

Lopez did a photoshoot to help raise awareness for DKMS.

She was one of the recipients of Love Our Children USA’s “Mothers Who Make A Difference” awards in 2009.

Charities & foundations supported 21
Jennifer Lopez has supported the following charities listed on this site:

American Foundation for AIDS Research
Amnesty International
Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Celebrity Fight Night Foundation
Children’s Health Fund
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
City of Hope
Dizzy Feet Foundation
Every Mother Counts
GRAMMY Foundation
Love Our Children USA
March Of Dimes
Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center
Raising Malawi
Red Cross
Saban Community Clinic
Causes supported 20
Abuse, Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Blood, Marrow & Organ Donation, Bullying, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Diabetes, Disaster Relief, Family/Parent Support, Health, Human Rights, Hunger, Parkinson’s Disease, Poverty, Slavery & Human Trafficking, Unemployment/Career Support, Women

Contact Jennifer Lopez

A Letter from Jennifer
I experienced the beauty of new motherhood right around the same time as my sister, Lynda. For both of us, the importance of bringing a greater sense of security and well-being to under-served and under-privileged communities truly hit home during that time. We both feel the desire, as never before, to help create a healthier, happier environment for others.
We grew up in a neighborhood that was not privileged, with an awareness of what many must go without. The number of children that grow up without access to quality health care, doctors, and health care facilities, is unacceptable. Also unacceptable is the small number of parents who have access to be adequately and completely informed about critical child- and health-care topics.

At the Institute of Pediatric Oncology - Moscow, Russia
That’s why Lynda and I are working to create the Lopez Family Foundation. Our goal is to dramatically increase the availability of quality health care and health education for women and children, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our organization will focus on the health and well-being of women and children, adopting a strategy that will achieve maximum impact in the area of children’s health worldwide, through our commitment to telemedicine. Telemedicine is a remarkable new healthcare delivery system that uses telecommunications technology to remotely treat patients.

The world can be a wonderful place, brimming with opportunity. But for far too many, it is still filled with daunting challenges and limited chances for a better life. Please join us as we work to change that picture for the better. Your participation will help us to do more, and to do it more quickly. Please take a few minutes to read through this website and see how you might become involved. Where children are concerned, there is no time to lose.



Jennifer Lopez is joining Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as an official spokesperson to encourage supporters to “Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are.” The charity raises funds and awareness for 170 member children’s hospitals across North America. Jennifer is a longtime supporter of children’s hospitals through her Lopez Family Foundation. She will be appearing in print, television and radio advertisements, including commercials airing during this season’s final episodes of Fox’s American Idol.

“We are so pleased to have Jennifer on board as our official spokesperson to help with raising funds and awareness for children’s hospitals,” said Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals President and CEO John Lauck. “Children’s hospitals are charities and need donations to help provide much-needed, life-saving care and expenses not covered by government programs or insurance. As a mother and longtime supporter of local children’s hospitals, Jennifer understands how donations can make a difference in the level of care kids receive.”

In the Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are advertisements, Jennifer wears a yellow Miracle Band. The design resembles the identification bands worn by children while in the hospital and represents the 62 kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals every minute. Anyone can order a free Miracle Band at MyMiracleBand.org. Supporters are encouraged to share their reasons for wearing a Miracle Band on social media with #MiracleBand.

JLo Wins Hero Award at RDMAs!
Jennifer Lopez attended the Radio Disney Music Awards yesterday and picked up the Hero Award for her philanthropic efforts and her work with the The Lopez Family Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Congratulations, Jennifer!! Jennifer’s speech:


The Lopez Family Foundation is an American nonprofit organization founded by sisters, Jennifer and Lynda Lopez in 2009. Although the sisters had wanted to create a charitable foundation for years, it wasn’t until Jennifer’s daughter Emme experienced a medical scare when they did. At the age of three weeks, a bump was discovered on Emme’s head. Although she was okay, Jennifer felt that there are mothers and children who didn’t have proper medical care and access to health systems. The sisters then partnered with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Telemedicine program to develop ‘The Maribel Foundation’. It was named after Jennifer’s husband Marc Anthony’s sister Maribel, who died due to a brain cancer at age 8.[1] While also partnering with companies such as Samsung and Best Buy, the foundation works to increase the availability of health care and health education to the less fortunate. As of 2012, its name has been changed to The Lopez Family Foundation. The foundation’s slogan is Where children are concerned, there is no time to lose

Anamaria ahora vez el porque te digo que ella no tiene el porque regalar su ropa usada para ayudar, JLO es una campeona en caridad y la mas bello que lo hace con su alma llena de amor y el dinero la mayoria sale de su bolsillo,

Jennifer Lopez and Her New Leading Role to Help Kids
Working with Boys & Girls Clubs, the superstar and ‘Idol’ judge gives back to those who helped her as a teen.

So many of us dream of having it all, and then there’s Jennifer Lopez.

A plum TV gig as a judge on FOX’s American Idol? Check. Recording success, with more than 55 million records sold? Check. Plus a movie career, a clothing line, endorsement deals, a production company, two beautiful children, and a glowing presence that belies any sleep deprivation. It’s enough to make the rest of us pull the covers over our heads in the morning and accept defeat.

Yet Lopez, 42, insists that everyone has the capacity for great achievements. In her new role as the first female spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in its 152-year history, Lopez reminds people that “Jenny From the Block,” as she once dubbed herself in song, is from a hardscrabble stretch in New York City’s South Bronx. In the halls of her local Boys & Girls Club, Kips Bay, Lopez found a mentor who recognized and encouraged her love of music and dance.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America (bgca.org) aims to put children on the right track and, against the odds, keep them there. “I’m honored to be an alumna from such a wonderful and celebrated organization,” says Lopez, who works alongside actor Denzel Washington, a spokesman for the club for two decades. Like him, she aims to inspire the 4 million kids who show up daily at one of the 4,000 national clubhouses, where they play sports, take classes, eat healthy meals, and engage with mentors and peers in a nurturing environment. “I hope I can give back just a small amount of the encouragement and support I experienced in my young adult years at the Boys & Girls Club. It empowered me, and that’s a gift I would like to continue giving,” Lopez says. “If I encourage one boy or girl to believe, then I have succeeded.”


Es impresion mia o tu eres re-fan de Jlo? A mi me parece bonita y sexy y se ve buena persona. Pero en su vida sentimental es como muy inestable o muy exigente. Ninguna relacion le dura mucho. El matrimonio con Marc Anthony ha sido su relacion mas duradera pero pienso que fue por los niños. De Casper ay no se! creo que ella se merece alguien mejor…

Si yo soy fan de JLO, eso de re-fan? no se que es. Anamaria la vida privada de JLO a mi no me interesa el que ella no ha tenido suerte en el amor no le quita lo bondadosa y buena persona, por eso es que soy fan de ella. Estoy 100% de que si merece algo mejor que casper, pero que le vamos a hacer a ella le gusta el caspercito :sweat_smile: el tipo no me gusta como pareja para ella pero a ella si le gusta :sob:

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Bella Jennifer Lopez!!! :boom:

Talvez muchos pensamos que no lo hariamos,
pero con tantisimo dinero que tiene pienso que ella puede darse ese lujo.

Hola reina 100% de acuerdo contigo :wink: Yo no tengo ese lujo que tiene JLO y a cada rato me estoy comprando ropa nueva pero luego luego cuando ya no la uso la regalo para aquellos que tienen menos que yo :wink:

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Hola bellajlo 100% de acuerdo con todo lo que dices :wink:


Hola mamacita que bueno verla por estos lugares :heart_eyes: pues si creo pero no le di importancia

Noble diste impirtancia??? Pero si le trajiste copy and paste de toda una biblioteca :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: que tal que se la dieras?
Aaauussssh forito no te acabes😆