JLo Strengthens Partnership With Endless Jewelry

Jennifer Lopez has expanded her partnership with Dutch jewelry brand, Endless Jewelry. Jennifer has worked with Endless since 2014, when it was announced that she would be their Brand Ambassador & a Co-Designer. This new partnership allows Endless to include the exclusive Jennifer Lopez Collection throughout its international markets. It also increases the potential for growth through social media integration and distribution.

“We are thrilled with the success of our partnership with Endless and the strong growth of the Jennifer Lopez jewelry collection,” said Jason Weisenfeld, President, Global Brands Group in a press release. “Jennifer is a true fashion force, and we look forward to sharing her style and influence in jewelry designs for many years to come.”

Jennifer will be releasing her 5th collection with Endless Jewelry this August, emphasizing sophistication, edge and femininity. See Jennifer’s collection at EndlessJewelry.Us

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Nice Nice!! :slight_smile:

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MUY LINDAS SALUDITOS GORE Y KIKI :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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las he visto y son preciosas, tiene buen gusto mi querida JLO! Hola mamacita hermosa feliz dia!!

Mi Gore linda feliz dia para ti tambien!!

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Esta mujer es una maquina de dinero, todo lo convierte en millones.

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Estan lindas las pulseras…

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Son muy caras chicas?

estan bellas esas joyas . donde las venderany cuanto costaran

Quizas no tanto reenca.

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Que bien.:tulip: