Is jlo helping ben cope with his divorce?

Is Jennifer Lopez Helping Ben Affleck Cope With His Divorce From Jennifer Garner?

THOUGHTS JLOVERS? ““Ben and JLo have been talking and texting since he split with Jennifer. Ben never felt he was allowed to maintain a relationship with her as it would only make Jennifer jealous and angry,” a close source of the stars told the publication. “When news of him splitting came out JLo reached out to him just to see how he was holding up. Since then they have talked a few times and it’s been really nice."

Jajajajajjaa seguro!!! Bien lo dijo Ben, despues que mo relacion termino con JLO senti un gran alivio, como si terminara de vomirar​:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

No creo, de cierta manera ya ella tiene su vida hecha.