Hasta las fieras tienen sentimientos una leona se apiada de un monito aww😍😱

Nature can be a brutal place, but sometimes the unexpected behaviour of animals can shock us all.
This is the moment a lioness grabbed a female baboon by the scruff of the neck while her baby clung onto her limp body.

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Two male lions arrived on the scene to examine the baboon, but were met with aggression by the lioness, who chased them away in an unexpected show of compassion.

However, during the fracas, a male baboon – who had been watching from a nearby tree – saw an opportunity to save the baby from the clutches of the lions.
He swooped down undetected and whisked the baby to safety in the tree tops.

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

los animales son mejores…!!! que los humanos…

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Tiene mas corazon hn animal que los humanos:(

Se comió a la mamá pero defendió al bebé, sorprendente

Que linda

No será que se llenó después de deborarse a la madre?.. Y estaba protegiendo la cena de los demás leones?.. Para comérsela más tarde?! Jajaja Todo puede ser, oh suceder!. :unamused:

esta me dio ternura ella buscándole la tetita awww tenia hambre quiero llorar :sob: