Gavin rosdale aprendio la leccion escojio la nanny mas feita lol😱👽

Gavin Rossdale has reset the nanny button … the former Gwen Stefani look-alike nanny who tabloids linked to him is gone, ain’t the one he’s out in public with any more.
Gavin, the nanny, and one-year-old Apollo strolled the streets of Brentwood Tuesday … and the nanny looks all business. We’re told she’s been with the family since Apollo’s birth.
Our sources say Gavin and Gwen will share joint custody of the kids and that includes all child-rearing decisions … including the selection of nannies.


3 Me gusta

Ya ni remendando quedan bien asi que no la hinguen jaja


Bien hecho :smile:

Y con mandil y todo la nanny fodonga jajaja image

La verdad esta bien chulo el hombre.:grinning:

Se la echara al plato tambien?

Ji ji ji, aprendió la lección muuy tarde