Cancion de la Noche


Wazup girl…miss u

wazzzz apppp… here chilling lol, i was abt to hit u up, where have u beeen lol!!!

Working…crazy weekend…from i can remember…it was like a blur hahha

lol, im off again until next Monday… i love it!!! I only worked yesterday and 2day, im loving this rofl.

Nice…i was of last week thursday…till today…i did some side jobs thogh…y me puse unas pedotas lol

Awesome!!! i havent drink cuz u knowwww lol, i cant but ill catch up this weekend. -2morrow ill pop some bottles. i got some details 4 u, ill call u 2morrow. bahahaha ur going to laugh

Hahaha cant wait…ill get some brews para cotorrear contigo

Word, jajajjaja u know me always a diff story rofl. Its mad hot today… estuvo en high 90’s. crazy!!! hot and humid