EXCLUSIVE: Posing with Zuma, upswept platinum hair wrapped in a bandana and geeky black glasses - the creepy copycat pictures posted by Gwen Stefani’s ex-nanny

Bush rocker Gavin Rossdale had a three-year affair with Australian nanny, claims US magazine
In a series photos posted on social media, Mindy Mann is a Gwen Stefani lookalike
She also posed with a supersize snake wrapped around her shoulders
Gwen is said to have confronted Gavin in February about disturbing text messages and nude photos of Mann on her kid’s iPad’
Gwen allegedly ended their marriage when Gavin confessed to a three-year affair with the nanny

Copycat: Social media photographs posted by Mindy Mann, the nanny revealed to have had a three-year affair with Bush Rocker Gavin Rossdale, wearing a bandana around her platinum hair…just like Gwen

Mann is also seen wearing a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses…just like Gwen

Twins! Gwen had an uncomfortable feeling when she became aware of the nanny’s copycat ways, it was reported

And then Mann tried red hair…just as Gwen did way back when

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Platinum hair in a mini ponytail? Check. Black tank top? Check. Oops…not sunglasses

Posing with riving Gwen and Gavin’s son Zuma, the Australian caretaker of the now split couple’s three children matched up to photos of her superstar boss.

That’s a wrap. Mann poses with a serious -looking snake wrapped around her shoulders

No doubt about it. Mindy like to dress like Gwen, here in a bue jean jumpsuit

Glamorous…but as glamorous as Gwen? Perhaps Gavin Rossdale thought so

The new issue of Us Weekly claims the Bush rocker initially denied having an affair with the child minder after another one of their nannies supposedly discovered messages and nude photos on the family’s iPad and informed Gwen

Too close for comfort? Gavin and Mindy are pictured here on a hike together in 2012 - when Gwen saw the pictures of Gavin’s hand on her derriere she was unhappy

Bare-midriffed Mindy holds a dog high up in the air, in another Facebook photo

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Algunas artistas imponen otras siguen.
Las primeras son pura inspiracion!

Será ?

Ay cada HdpLoCa que hasta se debe haber puesto la ropa de Gwen y la maniática querer verse a ella que hasta en la cama de la pobre artista termino y con el Mismo macho…

No le tendría confianza con los hijos

Creepy o cómo se escriba :frowning: :anguished: :fearful: :confounded:

Jajaja q risa
Con estas locas.

Entonces fue que el marido se confundio jejejeje.

Se tardo gwen en despedirla…