A-Rod faces ‘racketeering’ allegations in new lawsuit filed by former brother-in-law


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A-Rod faces ‘racketeering’ allegations in new lawsuit (nypost.com)

An amended complaint added to a lawsuit filed against Alex Rodriguez by his former brother-in-law accuses the ex-Yankee of “racketeering and embezzlement” in connection with a real estate deal.

Constantine Scurtis, whose sister, Cynthia Scurtis, was married to A-Rod from 2002 to 2008, has claimed the former slugger pushed him out of a moneymaking venture, according to court papers filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

The new papers, filed Monday, add the serious new allegations, citing text messages and letters, according to Constantine Scurtis’ lawyers.

“Mr. Rodriguez will face a jury on August 2, 2021, to answer claims that he and his co-conspirators engaged in a pattern of racketeering and embezzlement,” Scurtis attorney Katherine Eskovitz said.

The new filing alleges that A-Rod “first cheated on his wife and then cheated Mr. Scurtis out of the proceeds from their wildly profitable real-estate venture,” according to another member of Scurtis’ legal team, Nate Holcomb.

Scurtis had originally filed a $50 million lawsuit against Rodriguez last July. A-Rod filed a countersuit denying Scurtis’ allegations.

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